TMLS-0xAA-02 magnetic linear encoder with AIR blasting

Product characteristics “TMLS-0xAA-02 magnetic linear encoder with AIR blasting”:

Magnetic encoders with high resolution and AIR BLASTING system. The advantage of the magnetic linear encoders is their resistance to water, oil and dust.

Advantage of the encoder is the reliability, resistivity to mechanical influences, very small dimensions, easy installation, possibility to measure long distance and great protection against the metal chips.

They are suitable e.g. for milling machines, lathes, horizontal boring machines and other appliances where 1 or 5 micron and higher resolution is required.

TMLS-01AA-02 magnetic encoder - resolution 1 micron

TMLS-05AA-02 magnetic encoder - resolution 5 micron


TMLS-0xAA-02 magnetic encoder

  • TMLS-01AA-02 - 1 micron high resolution magnetic encoder.
  • TMLS-05AA-02 - 5 micron high resolution magnetic encoder.
  • Maximum air gap between the magnetic tape and the sensor:  1mm 
  • Cable length: 3 m
  • The encoder is used together with the TIGRE MT-02 series magnetic tape.