PC-03 interface - 1 / 2 / 3 axes

Product characteristics “PC-03 interface - 1 / 2 / 3 axes”:

The PC-03-XX PC interface is intended for connection of incremental encoders providing quadrature signals of TTL or RS422 (optional) level to PC. PC interfaces are supplied including the PC software.

  •  data input for 1/ 2/ 3  axes
  • input frequency: 25 MHz / axis
  • RS232 / USB data output
  • library for implementation of the interface into customer applications

Firmware features

  • storing last value before switching off
  • axis reset function
  • reference point detection function

Software features

  • display of coordinate values, automatic detection of the number of axes according to the connected PC interface, designation of individual axes, presetting of values, zeroing, setting of tolerance field of the measurement with graphical representation
  • possibility of automatic data storage into a table – on the base of the time interval, interval on the axis or the guide axis, recording of the device operator, seriál number of the measured componen
  • possibility to display axis values in full screen;
  • data storage into a table, possibility to export it to CSV format.

PC interface

  • The PC interface enables direct connection with a PC running under the Windows system using a USB cable. Power supply to the PC interface is provided via an external power source (included).  The PC interface with  USB output is delivered including software and drivers for the Windows system (version XP and higher).