Guided magnetic linear scales TMLS-0xSG

Product characteristics “Guided magnetic linear scales TMLS-0xSG”:

  • suitable especially for linear scales with the length over 2 m
  • robust magnetic encoder with the guided wagon magnetic encoder. It includes the advantages of the APG-01 systém and fully closed magnetic encoders
  • possibility to assembly the profiles together to endless length
  • dimension of the linear scale profile: (w) 35 x (h) 50 mm
  • total height (including reading head): 75 mm
  • resolution 0.005 mm
  • output signals 5V TTL. Optionally 5V RS422 or 24 V level using signal converters
  • standard cable length 3 m
  • the magnetic tape and the sensor are protected by one or two (optional) pairs of rubber lips